Talking Tyler – A lovely doggy


Tyler is a lovely curly hair doggy. He can respond to your touches and repeat everything you say with a funny voice.

How To Play
– Talk to Tyler and he will repeat every word you say with a funny voice.
– Tickle Tyler’s belly. Slap Tyler’s face left and right.
– Poke Tyler’s head, belly or feet.
– Leave Tyler alone to see what will do.
– Press the cymbal button to scare Tyler.
– Press the football button to see Tyler playing football. Hit the football while Tyler is juggling to make him angry.
– Press the can button to feed Tyler.
– Press the foot button to see how smelly Tyler’s feet are.
– Press the fart button to see Tyler fart slinkingly.
– Press the bone button to see Tyler gnawing the bone strenuously.
– Press the cola button to see that magic chemical reaction.
– Record Tyler’s videos, share them on Facebook, save them to Photos and send them by email.

Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Tyler!

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