Talking Paul


Paul is your new friend. He has a round head and a fat belly and looks very charmingly naive. Also he is very impish. He would whistle leisurely, gaze around with nothing to do and repeat everything you say with a funny voice.

Paul is versatile. Toss juggling doesn’t cause any trouble to him. Playing Kung Fu is just a piece of cake. What’s more, Paul can sing a very famous song. Try it, you’re probably not as good as Paul.

4 thoughts on “Talking Paul

  1. I love Talking Paul, is the best Talking app of the AppStore and I want to Paul repeats it’s so nice than go to the sea and go swimming so I want more Talkings like him please do more at least 2013 more pleasepleaseeeplease por favor, hacer, ms, animales, que, hablan por favor o si no voy a llorar ñaaaañaaa como un bebe

  2. Hello thanks a lot for Talking Paul Panda app, I love it💖💖 is my favorite talking app and I have 17 years old, but I can’t stop playing with Talking Paul I love it and it is one of the first apps with crazy singing animation and one of the best talking apps that I know since when I had my first apple device the first day playin with that app I got surprised , and the nexts times were super cool and now I love. Thanks so much

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