4 thoughts on “How to play with BBBear

  1. this comment is for the creators of the talking apps of DragonSightForce, I mean Talking Paul, Tyler,Ryan an BBBer, Please read it carefuly.
    The BBBear app has a problem in IOS devices in the last update, is not so serious but I want you to please check it and fix it as soon as you can … the problem is that the animation of the Talking bear has a veri lower sound quality than in the minigames, in the minigames the sound is perfect, but the animation sound of the character is very lower than the voice repeating an the minigames. In the previous update everything was perfect, the sound were perfect, there is something wrong why? I need you to fix it please and you should know that Talking Paul and Tyler apps are the best talking apps on AppStore for ever, please keep working on that and congratulations.

    1. Hi Manu

      The new version is in App Store now. You can update it. Any question, please leave a comment. Thanks

      DSF team

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