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Hi from BBBear


Hi, I am BBBear. I live in a very cute house by myself and would love to have you as my dear friend to play with. Would you like to take care of me, please?

You and I will have fun together. We can play mini games to score the highest. You may feed me delicious food, and make me burst. You can also throw me a nice bubble bath, so I can sleep in my cozy bed with comfort. I have large selection of clothes, dress me anyway you like and show me to your friends. You will also help me to decorate my room the way we love. Sounds fun, right? Come on, let’s do it!
Oh, I forget to mention, please take me to visit our friends’ house to see if they are cool like us. Wowla~ Give me a nickname and it will make us feel so close to each other. “

Talking Paul


Paul is your new friend. He has a round head and a fat belly and looks very charmingly naive. Also he is very impish. He would whistle leisurely, gaze around with nothing to do and repeat everything you say with a funny voice.

Paul is versatile. Toss juggling doesn’t cause any trouble to him. Playing Kung Fu is just a piece of cake. What’s more, Paul can sing a very famous song. Try it, you’re probably not as good as Paul.

Talking Tyler – A lovely doggy


Tyler is a lovely curly hair doggy. He can respond to your touches and repeat everything you say with a funny voice.

How To Play
– Talk to Tyler and he will repeat every word you say with a funny voice.
– Tickle Tyler’s belly. Slap Tyler’s face left and right.
– Poke Tyler’s head, belly or feet.
– Leave Tyler alone to see what will do.
– Press the cymbal button to scare Tyler.
– Press the football button to see Tyler playing football. Hit the football while Tyler is juggling to make him angry.
– Press the can button to feed Tyler.
– Press the foot button to see how smelly Tyler’s feet are.
– Press the fart button to see Tyler fart slinkingly.
– Press the bone button to see Tyler gnawing the bone strenuously.
– Press the cola button to see that magic chemical reaction.
– Record Tyler’s videos, share them on Facebook, save them to Photos and send them by email.

Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Tyler!